Wednesday, April 30, 2008


With the amount of sewing my sister had me do for her wedding it was bound to happen. To get my finger out I had to cut the thread on top and on the bottom and unscrew the needle. CRAZY, but it is a good story.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Best Friends!!

I have to tell you I have the greatest friends ever! It is so funny because this whole blogger thing has made me really miss them! In high school I had a lot of buddies but I have to say that my best buddies were Allie and Katie. Allie and I have been best buddies since the end of 7th grade. Actually how we became friends is kind of funny: she didn't like me at first because she said I said "thanks" too much; also, it didn't help that Jennifer Sorensen (what happened to her?) told her not to like me. But that soon ended and we quickly became friends.

Katie has also been a great friend. She moved to Clovis the summer before our sophomore year and I remember knowing the second I saw her that I was going to like her. Friendships of three don't happen very often but for us it has worked out well. I love both of them very much. It is nice to have friends who really know who you are. I have especially found that true since I have moved to Wisconsin.

Enough of this blabbing. The reason why I wrote this is because a week and a half ago Katie posted on her blog a picture of one of my Sassy Stitch bags and a link to my web page. I was so happy that she liked the bags that I sent her one. Well, Katie posted on her blog that I sent her a bag and mentioned that I was the "friend of the year." That's when it all started: Allie wanted to be the friend of the year so she wrote a song about katie and posted it on her blog (check this one out too. There are some funny photos.) I wanted a song, too, so she wrote one for me. If you want to see some photos of me fat and some of me skinny, some with curly hair and some with straight hair, some with glasses and some without then check it out. I think you will like it because I LOVED IT. Thanks so much Allie, I'll send you a bag too.

CD and DD are back!!

Last year we had the funnest time looking at the ducks that lived right out side of our apartment. Carter named then CD and DD. I am assuming the girl is DD, and the boy is CD. But to our surprise they came back. It is good to see our old friends. The boys take bread to them and know to be nice because I am the duck cop. If a kid chases or throws anything at them, I protect them. :0) This is the closest thing that the boys have to a pet so I want them to stay here as long as they want.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Britton needed stitches.

My poor baby Britt had a bad day today. While I was making lunch, Britton slipped off his chair and split his chin. At first I didn't even notice it. I just picked him up and continued to make lunch when I felt that my shirt was wet . I looked down to see what it could be and saw that it was covered in blood. Luckily his doctor is just down the road. I raced down to the office and she gave him stitches. When I was trying to explain what had happened Carter interrupted by saying, "His shoes were slippery." I felt so bad for him they had him strapped to a papoose to keep him from moving. He was so ticked off that he got his feet loose and kicked off both of his shoes and screamed so loud and got so worked up that he was soaked in sweat--I felt so bad. That kid has a temper but if someone had me tied down I would have one too! All I have got to say is POOR BOY.

Love notes.

Today Carter received a drawing from one of his neighbor friends. I love how they're holding hands.

The Linzi and Jimmy quilt is finnished.

Thanks for voting! It was so much fun to make this quilt especially since it was made for two people that I LOVE! I think it turned out rather nice. I did a bias binding that was hand-finished and I was able to do a random stippling design to quilt it together. I hope they like it!!