Sunday, December 5, 2010


We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving here in NM. We had it at our home and had both the Bredthauer and the Jones families over. We ate turkey with gravy, ham with Jeanine's famous ham sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, carrots, brussel sprouts, rolls with honey butter, sausage stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin cheesecake, peach pie, pumpkin cake and of course Martinelli's. I am getting full thinking about it! It is nice to have great friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with.

The best looking folding table ever.

The turkey's last protest.

Brooke had a cute craft where the kids stuck marshmallos in an apple to make a turkey. We watched How to Train Your Dragon and  played 31.

I always buy a bunch of Martinelli's because my cousin Erin says every years she has "Martinelli stress" because she is worried about their not being enough. I don't want my guests to ever feel that way so we get tons!

Thanksgiving nap.

This is what we are thankful for:

Family, army and toys.

Carter, Macie, parents, Oreos, and my friends,

husband,  home,  beliefs, kids, family, Ice maker and for my husbands job.

Macie-  (didn't ask but I am assuming)
Milk, and brothers.

Chris- Stephanie, Carter, Britton, and Macie. Good friends, a good job, the gospel, Christ, Christmas music, my brothers and parents, and the comforts of modern living.