Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stressed about being stressed.

Allie wanted me to blog about something. So here it is.

On Saturday Chris and I were heading to the temple when I started to have the worst pain in my chest. It felt literally like a heart attack. I was fine and knew I wasn't going to die from it so we continued on with our plans because we had great baby sitters and I knew the boys would be disappointed if we came home early. I didn't feel like I could make it through a whole session though, so we did some sealings instead. Despite the pain it was great to be there. On Monday I ended up getting a weird but small rash on one side of my rib cage and on my back. So I started to get worried because my chest was still hurting, not as bad as Saturday though. So I went to the emergency room and found out it is shingles. I guess It is induced by stress. So now on top of being tired and in pain, I'm apparently stressed. Now I'm stressed about being stressed. AHHHHH.

I do have to say some good things come out of pain and sickness. Yesterday. My good friend and neighbor Sherry Rosengren came over about 10:30 and handed me a good magazine and took my kids without being asked. THANKS!