Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting ready to move--almost.
So every night when Britton says his prayers, he prays that we can go to family fun land. It's a pizza place on the other side of town with all these games and places to run and crawl and have fun--like McDonalds on steroids. Here's a glimpse of why Britton prays to go there every day. I caught this picture of Carter and Brandon looking out the glass eyes of this giant monkey in the tubes area. The batteries on the camera went out right after so I got really lucky.

Speaking of batteries going out, Britton got a really sore throat the other day and just about lost his voice. It was all raspy and rattled when he talked. He wasn't too happy about it but thought it was kind of cool. He told me in his broken voice, "I think my voice is running out of baaaaaateries."

He told his dad earlier that morning, "Hey dad, listen to my voice. It sounds like a motorcycle."

Cute kid.