Saturday, March 5, 2011

Soccer Practice.

Today was the boys first soccer practice. Both Carter and Britton looked so cute in there outfits. Britton was especially excited to be playing since he has seen Carter on a team. I could tell they had a good day. The park we went to didn't have a rest room so Chris had to drive Carter to the rest room and he got Mc D's and then 30 mins later Britton had to go and Chris took him to a pizza place to go and came back with a pizza.  This was all before noon! When I was questioning him about the two fast food stops with in 30 min his answer was just that he was hungry. I think is is halirious!

Just a few pictures.

Carter is the best brother ever. This is how he eats his breakfast and Macie loves him because of it.

For some odd reason the boys had been wanting to sleep under there beds for a while and a few nights ago Chris let them. They loved it. Also, that is one of the Quilts I made this Christmas. I let the boys pick out fabric. Carter picked money, outer space, batman, peace signs, super man, spiders, skulls, balls and zoo animal fabric. Brittons quilt had flames, tootsie pops, Lighting McQueen, Popsicles,  peace signs, airplains, tony hawk, wisconsin, cars, skulls and scooby doo fabric. I made both of them rather large so that They can have them on there beds and I put minky dot fabric on the back. They  saw me make them but I told them that I had made them for poor boys and they belived me. I could tell they wanted them. I am glad they like them so much.

This is a cake I made for a friend.

 Britton went into Costco to get somthing and when we went back out it looked like Macie was driving (She was on Chriss lap while they were parked). Britt got a big kick out of it.

 This is a picture of Macie the day she turned 6 months. She is the light of all of our lives!
She is in the 25% for her head, 50% for height, and 25% for weight. She is nice and healthy. 

Bouncers don't work even if she is strapped in. She is a wiggily girl.

We went to Red Robbin on Wednesday Family night the boys got there face painted, free arcades, balloon animals and free chocolate Sundays. It was fun!